About me

I'm a product designer who enjoys creating impactful experiences.

Passionate product designer with front-end coding expertise and experience working with startups worldwide.
Proven track record of helping businesses raise capital and enhance customer satisfaction in multiple industries.
Committed to impacting 1,000,000 individuals positively through innovative solutions.
Always seeking new challenges to further develop skills and make a meaningful impact in the world of tech and design.
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My life story

Throughout my life, I have struggled to achieve the position I am in today. Hailing from a third-world and war-torn country, I know what it feels like to endure tough times and feel helpless.
That's why I aspire to impact one million individuals by mentoring them and helping them establish their careers, providing the push they need to encourage positive change. I aim to create a strong ripple effect across the community based on knowledge sharing and relationship building.
My Process

Design that solves problems one product at a time.

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Faster, better products that your users love. Here's all the services I provide:
  • Talk & understand people
  • Empathize & define problems
  • Research and Interview


Every designer needs the right tools to do the perfect job. Thankfully, I'm multilingual.
  • Ideate, Sketch & Wireframe
  • Designs system
  • Amazing interfaces


I design products that are more than pretty. I make them shippable and usable.
  • Test across users
  • Learn from everyone
  • Iterate endlessly


Product designs and company needs can always improve. Luckily, I'm versatile.
  • Dare to reimagine
  • Unlock new features
  • Introduce different vision to a portion of users
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I am constantly on the lookout for fresh and exciting challenges to conquer. Don't hesitate to reach out to me with your great ideas.
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