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Ahmed Al-Kheerow Ahmed Ayad  Ahmed

About Me

UX/UI Designer & Developer.

Hi! This is Ahmed, I’m a passionate UX/UI | Product designer who made his way through a background in coding and Civil engineering and focus on making every research valid not just assumption, I’ve worked with multiple start-ups in the middle east, Europe and the USA in different sections such as IDE, E-commerce, Vehicles, Transportations, Logistic, Home services, IPTV, and Fintech where I was a part of some of them where I helped them to raise money and get more costumers where we worked from the first assumption to making researches, to the designing system, to making the hi-fid mockup to prototyping and finally testing the first assumptions and go back to iterations. I believe that challenges and providing a good customer experience are the keys to success.

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UX/UI App Design

I will go with you step by step in order to make the project have a fantastic UI and a user-friendly UX, taking it from ideation to sketching on paper, then to wire-framing, after that to making the UI and getting feedback till we get to final product.


Front End Web

IYour website is my duty to accomplish, I’m are going to make your website just like the one you are seeing now using HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and ReactJS. I specialize in UX design to make it easy to use with great SEO for people to find you easier.


Website Designing

If you're looking to have success with your website then a good design is mandatory.  I create modern, professional, and engaging websites that will elevate your business to the next level, It’s always easier to be successful with the right tools.


Video Maker & Editor

Since I used to be a YouTuber, I have extensive experience in video-making and editing. I make visually appealing videos that capture the viewer’s attention, and once your grab your attention, you gain their trust in what you deliver.



Marketing is the key for better customers and more followers. Anyone can just make a sponsor Ads, but 95% of them fail because it isn’t just ads, it is a story that you make for people to get them from awareness to consideration then to conversion.


Tech Consultant

If you need someone to consult for your business, I can advise you on the design strategy or help manage the development of your project, we will go together and work on what you have in mind whether it was just an idea or programming phase or even rebranding.

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Ahmed Alkheerow webite Fixed App

Fixed App

A landing page for Fixed App, which is a platform where it provides all type of vehicles related services, based in UAE

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Ahmed ayad ahmed webite melkyah app

Melkyah App

A Landing page for Melkyah App, which is a platform enables you to sell, buy and rent a property in Saudi Arabia

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Ahmed Alkheerow webite take a bus

Take A Bus

A capstone project that was done during Re:Coded bootcamp which enables you to find the buses routes in Erbil

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Let's work together

I believe that everyone can learn and teach & to be successful you must learn from feedbacks.

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